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Friendly Street Area

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Friendly Street Area
Friendly Street bisects the neighborhood from North to South. The street was named for Sam Friendly, a much-loved 19th century mayor of Eugene, and one of the visionary individuals who secured the location for the University of Oregon. Many of the trees planted along the street are thanks to the Friendly Neighborhood Association, and a general love of design and landscaping are seen throughout the neighborhood, with the colorful, diverse flourishes Friendly are residents pride themselves in. Close proximity to shopping, eateries and nightlife round out an amazing community.


Local Eugene School Information:

Contacting Eugene 4J School District

Contact the District or School Board

Eugene School District 4J
200 North Monroe St.
Eugene, OR 97402

Phone: 541-790-7700
TTY: 541-790-7712 (for the hearing impaired)
Fax: see below for department fax listings

Hours: Mon.–Fri. 8:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m.

Comment to the school board:

Contact a Central Department




4J Education Center, 200 N. Monroe St., Eugene
(the following central offices are located 
at the Ed Center unless otherwise noted)
541-790-7700 541-790-7711
Superintendent’s Office 541-790-7707 541-790-7711
Communications/IGR 541-790-7737 541-790-7711
Computing & Info. Services (CIS) 541-790-7770 541-790-7773
Education Support Services 541-790-7800 541-790-7803
Facilities (715 W. 4th Ave.) 541-790-7400 541-790-7404
Finance 541-790-7600 541-790-7605
Human Resources 541-790-7660 541-790-7665
Instructional Services 541-790-7550 541-790-7557
Library Services 541-790-7760 541-790-7773
Nutrition Services 541-790-7656 541-790-7650
School Choice & Boundaries 541-790-7553 541-790-7557
Superintendent’s Office 541-790-7707 541-790-7711
Transportation/School Buses
(1938 W. 8th Ave.)
541-790-7474 541-790-7470
Wellness Clinic 541-686-1427 541-341-1693

Contact a School

School Name




Zip Code

Adams Elementary 541-790-5000 fax 541-790-5005 950 W. 22nd Ave. 97405-2199
Arts & Technology Academy 541-790-5700 fax 541-790-5705 1650 W. 22nd Ave. 97405-1699
Awbrey Park Elementary 541-790-4050 fax 541-790-4055 158 Spring Creek Dr. 97404-1299
Buena Vista Spanish Immersion Elementary 541-790-6500 fax 541-790-6505 1500 Queens Way 97401-5199
Cal Young Middle 541-790-6400 fax 541-790-6456 2555 Gilham Rd. 97408-1698
Camas Ridge Elementary 541-790-8800 fax 541-790-8805 1150 E. 29th Ave. 97403-1698
Charlemagne French Immersion Elementary 541-790-3177 fax 541-790-3545 5055 Mahalo Drive 97405-4073
Chávez Elementary 541-790-5300 fax 541-790-5310 1510 W. 14th Ave. 97402-3896
Churchill High 541-790-5100 fax 541-790-5128 1850 Bailey Hill Rd. 97405-1199
Eugene IHS at Churchill 541-790-5225 fax 541-790-5110 1850 Bailey Hill Rd. 97405-1199
Corridor Elementary 541-790-4600 fax 541-790-4605 250 Silver Lane 97404-2247
Early College & Career Options (ECCO) High School 541-463-3930 fax 541-463-3937 4000 E. 30th Ave., Bldg. 10 97405
Edgewood Elementary 541-790-8700 fax 541-790-8705 577 E. 46th Ave. 97405-3998
Edison Elementary 541-790-8900 fax 541-790-8905 1328 E. 22nd Ave. 97403-1599
Family School 541-790-5700 fax 541-790-5705 1650 W. 22nd Ave. 97405-1699
Gilham Elementary 541-790-6200 fax 541-790-6205 3307 Honeywood St. 97408-4649
Holt Elementary 541-790-6100 fax 541-790-6141 770 Calvin St. 97401-5399
Howard Elementary 541-790-4900 fax 541-790-4905 700 Howard Ave. 97404-2798
Kelly Middle & YG 541-790-4740 fax 541-790-4746 850 Howard Ave. 97404-2799
Kennedy Middle 541-790-5500 fax 541-790-5505 2200 Bailey Hill Rd. 97405-1098
Madison Middle 541-790-4300 fax 541-790-4320 875 Wilkes Dr. 97404-1499
McCornack Elementary 541-790-5800 fax 541-790-5805 1968 Brittany St. 97405-1399
Monroe Middle 541-790-6300 fax 541-790-6305 2800 Bailey Lane 97401-5296
North Eugene High 541-790-4500 fax 541-790-4440 200 Silver Lane 97404-2299
River Road/El Camino del Río Elementary 541-790-7200 fax 541-790-7205 120 W. Hilliard Lane 97404-3099
Roosevelt Middle 541-790-8500 fax 541-790-8505 680 E. 24th Ave. 97405-2997
Sheldon High 541-790-6600 fax 541-790-6605 2455 Willakenzie Rd. 97401-4898
Eugene IHS at Sheldon 541-790-6636 fax 541-790-6605 2455 Willakenzie Rd. 97401-4898
Life Skills Network / Transition Education Network 541-790-6633 fax 541-790-6605 2455 Willakenzie Rd. 97401-4898
South Eugene High 541-790-8000 fax 541-790-8005 400 E. 19th Ave. 97401-4190
Eugene IHS at South 541-790-8030 fax 541-790-8005 400 E. 19th Ave. 97401-4190
Spencer Butte Middle 541-790-8300 fax 541-790-8305 500 E. 43rd Ave. 97405-3999
Spring Creek Elementary 541-790-4870 fax 541-790-4880 560 Irvington Dr. 97404-1099
Twin Oaks Elementary 541-790-3417 fax 541-790-3305 85916 Bailey Hill Rd. 97405-9499
Willagillespie Elementary 541-790-7100 fax 541-790-7105 1125 Willagillespie Rd. 97401-2198
Yujin Gakuen Japanese Immersion Elementary 541-790-4606 fax 541-790-4610 250 Silver Lane 97404-2247

Find a Staff Member

To find a specific staff member, please use our online directory. You can search by name, title, school or department.

Staff directory

View a District Map

Maps of Eugene School District 4J and its dozens of schools are available in several formats.

View a map

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